Sunday, June 28, 2015


 Im still a noob doing research but I can sum up a few lil things about it before u signing up for any Postgraduate courses.. Hope it helps.
 Those who have an idea to do Masters/ PhD, but do not know how to move on?

1. Finalized which area you are interested in. Im interested on Media Effects or Interpersonal Communication. How about you?  
2.You may have a tentative topic. Based on your topic, find key words . 
3. Search for journals, read related thesis and refer to chapter 5 (Further research).
       4. With reading knowledge, meet a few Profs and senior lecturers and tune their reliable      ideas pertaining to the topic. Have you done that?

 5. Then, finalized a few issues for the problem statement. What are the issues will be brought to PhD Studies? Have you? 

6. Find objectives based on the issues (problem statement). Have you? 

 7. I have read more than 30 articles and tabulated them and found a gap? Have you?

 8. Then, outline your frameworks.

 9. Then, consider about the ethical clearance and where I intend to get the data? How to access easily? So, I wrote a letter to a few companies to access the data. How about you?

 10. Find research designs, if can try to do a pilot study to find out whether the methodology which you have chosen reliable or not.

 11. Then write your research proposal based on your University or Faculty guidelines.

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Storm

2014, have collected more than ever unfortunate significant events of the year. Despite the black , theres always rainbow than comes into the picture later. I was conducting a research on the diffusion of News on the Missing Flight of MH370 , not later than there’s a crash of MH17 and QZ8501 happened in the same year. From my experience, the topic that I’ve conducted have drove me to become serious in air of the journalism and media studies. From my point of view , I never gauge the news that came out by the local channels tend to be more realistic and true compared to the Western Media. My family subscribed CNN , Australian Network and Al Jazeera but I will never turn on those channels eventhough it is presented in English as I am relying on the language for the research. Usually I will go back to Astro Awani or TV3 because , its my country and I think my country knows better than them. Here are the list of heated significant event that happen that leads to enormous social media reaction, keyboard warriors.,ThE Groundbreaking Highest hashtags Trust me Im a media student.. 1. Missing flight of MH370 2.Haze 3.Bomoh 4.Deathly Concert 5.Endless debate on Hudud 6.Panda for Diplomatic relationship 7.The NoN halal Cadburry 8. Crash of MH17 9. Anwar Ibrahim on Bars 10. East Coast Flood 11. Crash of QZ8501 ( specifically, the plane owned by Malaysia but it locates in Indonesia)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Semester for 2nd year Postgraduate

Hello Earthlings! its another final 2 semesters ahead before Im finishing my studies.. it is a very hectic days in IIUM and the lecturers expectation towards are absolutely higher than I expected. Im staying in the campus hostel now , which I think its a superbly awesome and fun eventhough the heat sometimes takes my sweat to the groove. Well theres always a big cap of shower to cool myself and of course the library whenever I need some place to comfort myself to complete my work and assignments. The March temperature in Malaysia is increasing!! Now I feel like wanna go back to Jordan whereas in Jordan I was feeling the same way in midst of the freezing winter..lolz.. So back to Malaysia, I feel there a more satisfaction coming back as a MALAYSIAN who need to consume spicy food and FISH! OMG! it was really hard to find food that suits my tongue when travellling to Arabs countries. SO My family is expecting a baby girl in Jordan which is my niece to be delivered soon insyALLAH and I can wait to hold that lil Caliph.. Back to campus story, I met new friends which is obviously awesome and can take my music as the crazy wacky girl who breaks the rules.. LOL no rules in my life please but of course being a Muslim I need to obey ALLAH's orders and message by our prophets.. LOVE LIFE? still searching.. well theres few guys that I know ..hmm will think about it later..haha.. till then..XOXO

Monday, December 30, 2013

People Keep on asking me on Why on earth im doing research..Research is just not about the adding the philosophies and thoughts by scholars and passing our MA And PHD.. OK LEts Get back into Reality... SO WHY We Academicians Do Research? What is the Purpose Research? ( by Jahirah,2013) 

1) General : To channel down add in the new knowledge into the air using our findings/ results

2) To improve and develop a skill that is current applied
3) To investigate the truth out of ones curiosity and assumptions
4) To reduce the amount debates and arguments about certain issues
5) To help people to identify the best solution for a problem

Friday, December 13, 2013

As life goes on

 by Jahirah Jalal Abidin

ONE When my life is over, and my jobs are done.
I know there is a place for me, behind the shining sun.
I'll float across the midnight sky, and dance around a star,
yet stay so close beside you, "I haven't traveled far."
I've lost the shell I lived in, yet still remain the same,
every moment passing, a loving strength I gain.
Like a new born baby, fresh and bright and new,
yet every ounce of knowledge, I've taken with me too!
I stand beside you strongly, each and every day,
watching you, guiding you, in a different way.
Just because I'm out of sight, does not mean I'm gone,
we never see the wind that blows and yet we hear his song. 

TWO Life is so precious
And each day a gift
So enjoy every minute
As it were you last to live

Cherish your loved ones
Hug them tight
Share with them your heart
And your time
Nothing is forever
And life goes so fast
Each minute that passes
Is one you can’t get back
When troubles arriveAnd knock you off your feet
Stand up and smile
And remember life is too sweet

Every morning when you wake,
Decide right from the start,
That “Today will be a good day”
And let it all in with an open heart

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Iron Lady

The Iron Lady

I am a woman, a daughter, a teacher and a student; and I am writing this on behalf of all women in the world. It's apparent that the world is not complete without influential women leaders. However, some recent statistics shown that, there are still very few women in leadership positions as compared to men .Of the one hundred and ninety three countries recognized by the United Nations, twelve have a female head of government (Prime Minister, Chancellor or President) and thirteen have a female head of state.

In business leadership, reports have shown that  women have made considerable progress at middle management level, the statistics for the top management level leave much to be desired. Evidently, women are still very much the minority in positions of power. Why is this so? What is the significance between leadership and gender? Leadership is the capacity of organization, motivation, and guidance to achieve a given objective. To be a good leader one must gain the confidence of others.

Today, almost half a century since the modern women's movement began, many people assume that the issue of gender inequality and imbalance has been predominantly resolved. Although women's lifestyle in most countries, they have plateau in rights, leadership, and the ability to contribute equally in social and cultural affairs. To put it simply, discrimination against women is, unfortunately, not a thing of the past. Challenges specific to women such as the gender pay gap are forever more in the workplace. According to the latest report published by the European Commission, European women are earning 16 % less than European . The lack of female role models and mentoring opportunities, slimmer chances of promotion as well as the risks of sexual harassment are the other challenges that women face in the workplace. With so many odds stacked against them, it is no wonder that women have remained hugely underrepresented at positions of power. However, governments and current leaders have the ability to rectify the situation by addressing these issues and taking the necessary actions.

One way of encouraging women's leadership is by promoting women who are already very well respected with the current workforce. These women could serve as role models and inspirations to the women by sending the message tattoos possible for women to be leaders, thus building on a growing trend of women leaders. Additionally, governments could change how certain rules are enforced to better fight .Problems like sexual harassment and gender inequality, which can deter women from pursuing a career and thus effectively lowering the chances of women in leadership roles.

Today, we have lines of women who fill in the gap and the seats in the parliament . That’s really prove woman is not a subject to be discriminate and possess a strong will power take could take charge in any aspect of the organization. To conclude, iron lady is not their surface of their act in flamboyant and softness, we should see them as the next incoming leaders who speak for the rights and claims. We have to see leaders in a whole package not in terms of gender.

Jahirah binti Jalal Abidin

 Name of University : International Islamic University Malaysia

 IC No :880213-14-5296

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Another Idol of mine

Tawakkol Karman delivering her speech in University of Michigan and Myself delivering my presentation


A brief detail about my Idol Tawakkol Karman. =)Karman is a Yemeni journalist, politician and senior member of the of Al-Islah political party, and human rights activist who heads the group "Women Journalists Without Chains," which she co-founded in 2005.Karman earned an undergraduate degree in commerce from the University of Science and Technology, a graduate degree in political science from the University of Sana'a. In 2012, she received an Honorary Doctorate in International Law from University of Alberta in Canada.Tawakkol Karman co-founded the human rights group Women Journalists Without Chains with seven other female journalists in 2005 in order to promote human rights, "particularly freedom of opinion and expression, and democratic rights. I strongly believe tat Malaysia should have a group of woman journalist who are always aware about women's rights and sexual assault. The next picture? err? that one HER I dont know..Ask her..haha..