Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rocky outfit!

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hey guys..wanna have a party with famous rockstar in town??

grab ur purse and try to get one of these stuffs or if u want all of them to become as a set then, go get it babe!!
1)portrait t-shirt
2)red clutch
3)rockstar bangle and wooden bangle * tips wear more bangles of you makes u like a star!
4)low rise jeans
5) black high pumps
7)black sequin beret
8)peace earrings

It hides our cheeks ...

We wear the mask!!
Susah wei poem nie!!

we wear the mask by Paul L.dunbar..the poem that i had to analyze..
Mdm Z is very strict on evaluating the points that have been given by me and my group members.Instead the argument session was the most crucial time for us to answer whatever question that been asked by her because marks will be taken from just to test on how well we can defend our answers. No detail explanation and no evidence :"you 'll die in exam!!" literature it is not easy for us to identify the intended meaning of the whole poem, it wasn't easy as we were in High school before.

thanx to Ms least she had done her best to answer the questions~~

Well, this is my first presentation that i had encountered for mdm Z's subject!there's going to be more presentations to go next time.

As the result of my depression , after the presentation, i suffered from Diarrhoea, constipation and i puke twice because, i didnt had my lunch and only take my meal at night. At night, i eat those spicy foods and there you stomach swollen and i cant make it to class the next morning..sorry Ms eda..=p

Life must go on, and there's time we fall..success comes form failure, we bounce back after we fall ..because this is my journey and not my destination..

p/s : better work hard next time and avoid last minute work!!..=P