Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hello IIS- Setiabudi Secondary School...!

Yeah its on 18th of April 2011. Ms Jahirah had sign up for the new teacher position for the form 4 n 5.. This sounds very very challenging for me but im gonna rock it as I could.. Ok so now, it is a mix school where there's the existence of the male students in my class. I was nearly nervous and adrenaline going up and down for me to take over the class inhabitants who much more larger size than I am.. But it turn out to be a more friendly class lesson with MS Jahirah now.The boys are very entertaining and yes it really helps to reduce my stress mood at work. The funny part where some of the boys teasing me for proposing me to marry them in the future.. Haha ok that's so hilarious.. Well, I hope I will enjoy this moment for the next few months.. I just pray to god that I would not quit from teaching this school quickly~=P

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Federal panic..

This is a piece of writing that have been authored by my University study group. Credits to Myself, Hezery , and NElfi.. =) ENjoy everybody.. =)

Federal Inspector = Federal Panic!

Kringgggg…!! The school bell screamed and it showed that the next chapter of the school day had started again. Then, there was a mob of students entering the classroom without their mouth being shut and disregarded their class monitor’s command. From overall record, Form 5A have received the most number of “award” for their misdemeanour compared to other classes .Once, the class whiteboard in Lab A came from the factory 2 months ago. Before this, it was clean and white, smooth with unblemished surface. Unfortunately now, the board is full with scratches, pockmarks, dents and steins that inhibit its effective as a useful tool for the classroom. Now, the school had taken action by substituting the whiteboard with multimedia equipments. Those fragile gadgets were kept locked and it was located up near the ceiling. This is to protect those fragile equipments from being damage by those little rascals.
The clock had struck eight! It’s Chemistry 101. They called the chemistry teacher Mr Din as “The Potion Master”. Mr Din was a bit late that day, he needed to attend a short briefing regarding a science project with the subject administrator. In that case, the chatters and the talkers of 5A kept on doing their job.
“Weh! , where’s that wizard?? Its already eight man! I need to go the bathroom before my make up -- become vanished”, said Rozana, the short girl with a bushy pony tail hair.
“Eh, babe you wore make up to school? That is SOO NOT in the school rules! Hahahaha!” said Amin, his lab partner. Some of the boys even laughed after listening to Rozana’s dramatic “confession”.
“No, actually it is a foundation powder, my skin become dry if I didn’t apply it! By the way, what do guys know about the school rules huh?” ,explained Rozana.
“We don’t even have the school rule book in our bags, Rozi”, replied Amin and his friend Mamat.
Then a student added Amin’s conversation, “Maybe you should ask “The Potion Master” to make some of his bizarre chemical potion for your skin”, said Zack.
The situation in the class was full with laughter and racket. Five minutes later, Mr Din the “Potion Master” came inside the class with his record book and his Chemistry text book. Mr Din is described as a thin man with yellow langsat skin, a large hooked nose, and uneven teeth. He has shoulder-length, greasy black hair which frames his face, and cold black eyes.The situation in class was very ear-splitting like the central market, with the exception of the absence of poultry or vegetables for sale. No wonder why the class was very notorious and famous as the number one on the school’s blacklist for being the worst enemy of the teachers’ eardrums. The deafening sounds of chatter keep on cracking the ears of the “Potion Master”. Luckily, he still got the will to teach on that day.
However, those boisterous noise-makers were not really idiotic morons either. They ranged from average to top-scorers, with the class monitor being the best student in school: the four-eyed guy named Harun with a handsome looks yet has insidious, depressing, sinister, dark persona, dark personality – and was famous for his trademark devious “ku ku ku” laugh resembling Sergeant Major Kururu of Sgt. Frog anime series.

Suddenly, the class turned to absolute silence, which was way too good to be true. Not even a gecko dared to make a sound. Make a noise and you would suffer catastrophic consequences later. The class was like a ground zero of a recently-bombed city in a war. For the first time ever, the school experienced total peace.

The tragedy started with an emergence of a Federal Inspector name Mr Mustapha Rashid. A tall man with beard and songkok. The class members didn’t have any distinct idea who is that man that just came to their class. Mr Mustapha carries a brown case that contains several papers and documents and finally he sat at the back of the class. The student who was sitting in front of him name Aminah started to realised that, there were some evaluation and observation process going on. But, she was not sure whether, the “checking” is to monitor the students’ behaviour or the teacher’s skill of teaching.
The girls at the back were whispering to each other, “Who is that man?”

Mr Din kept on continuing his teaching by starting his explanation about the Atoms by Dalton theory.
“Now, I need you to turn to page 67 of your textbook and read column A and B , then I will ask you after this, said Mr Din. Mr Din the “Potion Master “ was very cool at first since he saw the federal inspector coming inside the class for the first time in his history of teaching. After 10 minutes of self –reading, Mr Din couldn’t even see a single figure of his students in front of him. He couldn’t even mention any name of his student to explain about the theory. Then, his visual started to fade, his adrenaline rushed, his skin became pale and deadly sweating. After a few seconds, the incident became more tragic when he actually fainted and collapsed in front of the class. Everybody was extremely shocked towards the event. It was an unfortunate event for Mr Din when there was a sudden appearance of the federal inspector and this might be the effect of the cause.

The students of Form 5 A went to see the head master of the school to report about this matter. Mr.Din was sent to the sick room where he took a short nap and relaxed his mind for a moment. The lesson would continue the next day, and some of the students even laughed and giggled when the “Potion Master” fainted in front of them.
After the “panic attack”, the school had taken a few actions in order to rectify the problem before it reoccurs in the future. The school sent a proposal to the Ministry of Education and they decided to give three days notice before any federal inspector visits the school. This is to ensure a better preparation in teaching and also to curb FEDERAL PANIC!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The "Cycle life" of Ms Jahirah ... " Ungku Zo^E" =D

Those days in school, I was hoping so badly that I could cut school almost everyday and waiting in line for the SPM to be over. Later than, I've attended the form six classes for like 2 weeks just to fill in my time for not doing nothing after my SPM results are out.After that , I got an offer to entre UNISEL University Industry Selangor which is a Selangor state University that caters courses that will fulfill or meet the industrial needs such as Biotech , Engineering , Business and Language Teaching.Therefore , I opt to choose English language Teaching as my core business. I went off for a 4 years of training to become an English trained teacher that will nourish and satisfies our education system.My journey was a worth of thousand words and finally I got the degree in Education in my hand on November 2010!

After graduation, each of us are trying to search for the right career path and sectors for our future needs. I was waiting for all of the calling from the job that I had applied few months ago and everything was in vain... ;'( So , I was thinking to call my former accounts teacher from my previous school SMK Convent Bukit Nanas , the school that I wanted to quit from.. lol..yet , without CBN I wouldn't become a better well being person now as a teacher..I was proud that the school admin and Pn Ann Khoo herself agree to the Ministry to hired me as the substitute teacher to replace Pn Farah Ainiah who is in her maternity leave. I ve experienced the good and bad here in CBN. Apart from teaching , it gives me the knowledge of life as in life is an on going education that never stops with experience.Although , it just a short while of experience It really give the best memoir ever in my life. I was here as a student from 1995 ( standard 1) until year 2005 ( form 5) . What a long story back huh?... =P and here I am back as a teacher. I know it sounds pretty awesome but I wish I can stay more longer. Sincerely , the things I love here is my girls and the lesson .. Nothing more..See you again girls.. =) J'taime