Saturday, June 30, 2012

Productivity in Muslim enhances the credit for Jannah

 Salam.  Hello, Im glad and proud that I am a muslim. Why? because Islam brought me a thousands of peace and recreating the sense of barakah . InsyAAllah. My words for today  is actually about how I achieve my checklist for being a productive Muslim. I am glad that Allah SWT gave me the time and energy to follow up with the particular course called as "PRODUCTIVE MUSLIM" which has been established by Brother Muhammad Faris. He is the one who implemented a website for the muslim as to encourage them to be a productive and wellness muslims for the goal of duniya and akhirah. You see, Islam is just not about 5 times prayer n being a good person, its all about your daily activities and the barakah that you could gain when you are actually attach all those activities along with the name of Allah and our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW. Nevertheles , people  been doing a lot procrastination in their daily routines and that makes them to forgot and feel tired at the end when it comes to prayer or reading the AL-Quraan. YES, along , you should also need to alert of your diet or your eating styles. In a plate , you should have a balance meal but at the same time to get the barakah, a recite bismmillah as well reminiscing on where is the razakh came from.Orite, let's start with my experience.....

 I did apply this productive tips from the seminar a few months ago, and I can feel the changes on myself. Not just on the outside but also inside ( physical and spirtitual). For example, I used to procrastinate or delaying my daily prayers when I was burning my mind out for my workload at the office and it gives me up a stressful feeling at the end. Therefore, I decided to make a schedule or  a checklist regarding on how It could improve me. If i ever got the time, i try to perform the duha prayer at the office by right at 8-10 am every morning and MAsyAAllah I think , It is a miracle I actually done all the work on time that particular day. As once said that , Allah will help you or give a room for you if you have the time to allocate for HIM ( InSYAAllah). Our daily routines must attach by the goal to dunia and akhirah as well.. AS for that , you will become a healthy, happy and productive well being muslims.. LAter for PART 2.. Jazakallah