Monday, January 26, 2009

The Thruth about Skinny Models

Here is the example of a skinny model.Basically , skinny girls are those we can see their bones coming out from their body,OMG! doesn't it looks like a life skeleton?Is it portraying a healthy body?If i asked few guys out there, they will absolutely covers their statement by stating they were not taking account on body figure when it comes to girls.Well , I'm sorry to say that ,but out of 60 percent guys out there, used to fall for a hot bod model figure.Can u guys define hot??which part is it?
Skinny models and girls always have the desire to threw up their food right after their consumed it.In my opinion , it just a waste of money and food resources for you to vomit everything out.Maybe you girls , don't have to eat anything or you girls can even donate it to the Gaza victims.Isn't that right?Some of the guys out there , doesn't know what skinny girls been doing.According to my survey , most of my friends who consider as skinny , their used to have their own negative thoughts about themselves and end up to have a Body Compulsive Obsessive Disorder.I definitely hate when my friends use to criticize about they own body in front of me.

Situation A in a Toilet :

Lady A : ( looking at the toilet mirror ) Weh aku dah gemok r!Mcm mane ni?
Me : Mane de.Are u blind?
Lady A : Weh ye r , aku makan byk tau smlm..

To me Lady A looks like only 123 pounds but she still think she's Fat!!
So how do you define "Kurus" , "Skinny" or "Slim"??Maybe you girls should go back to school..

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Intifadha tu maksudnya kebangkitan. Lebih tepat lagi kebangkitan rakyat Palestine melawan rejim zionis. Kebangkitan ini dipelopori oleh Syeikh Ahmad Yassin, seorang tokoh rakyat palestin dan juga ahli pergerakan Ikhwanul Muslimin. Walaupun beliau lumpuh dan kabur penglihatan tetapi suara, minda dan jiwanya tajam. Melalui ceramahnya beliau telah menggegarkan semangat rakyat palestine untuk bangkit melawan zionis dengan apa jua cara, sekalipun dengan ketul-ketul batu. Beliau telah meninggal dunia apabila di tembak oleh peluru berpandu Apache zionis ketika pulang dari solat subuh di masjid.

Intifadha = kebangkitan rakyat Palestine.
Lagu Rabbani tu memang menyentuh tentang intifadha Palestine.

Friday, January 2, 2009

2 years from Now..

What are my plans after graduation?

Planning your future career is the most vital thing to do.You need to focus about your life plan and your path distance when you left college or universities.This to avoid being confused on your last minute plan; Hence, you'll fail to succeed what you want to achieve. As soon as i got the scroll , I will started to think about the world surrounds me.

For me , I have few plans that roaming around my head right now.The plans that tend I to be observed , think and evaluate in each part of any field that i would like to fit in.Unfortunately , the plan that i want to make is some thing that is very prosperous and it's too impossible for me to grab it. There are few reasons :

* It isn't a demanding job in Malaysia ( the job market are few)

* parents wouldn't say " yes"!!!

* I don't the basic experience and still need to be train

* The youngest person in my house ( which is me!!) is not required to make her life plan decision on her own!!