Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Semester for 2nd year Postgraduate

Hello Earthlings! its another final 2 semesters ahead before Im finishing my studies.. it is a very hectic days in IIUM and the lecturers expectation towards are absolutely higher than I expected. Im staying in the campus hostel now , which I think its a superbly awesome and fun eventhough the heat sometimes takes my sweat to the groove. Well theres always a big cap of shower to cool myself and of course the library whenever I need some place to comfort myself to complete my work and assignments. The March temperature in Malaysia is increasing!! Now I feel like wanna go back to Jordan whereas in Jordan I was feeling the same way in midst of the freezing winter..lolz.. So back to Malaysia, I feel there a more satisfaction coming back as a MALAYSIAN who need to consume spicy food and FISH! OMG! it was really hard to find food that suits my tongue when travellling to Arabs countries. SO My family is expecting a baby girl in Jordan which is my niece to be delivered soon insyALLAH and I can wait to hold that lil Caliph.. Back to campus story, I met new friends which is obviously awesome and can take my music as the crazy wacky girl who breaks the rules.. LOL no rules in my life please but of course being a Muslim I need to obey ALLAH's orders and message by our prophets.. LOVE LIFE? still searching.. well theres few guys that I know ..hmm will think about it later..haha.. till then..XOXO