Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Im Reading...

OO its holiday and I went for a picnic n had an Ikan Bakar feast as my first STOP for this semester HOLS… More place to hit after this.. InsyAAllah =D..I bought this book using the BAUCHer Buku Satu Malaysia.. haihh 2 Months ago went pass.. I bought it but never had a chance to glance it.. Ok here .. Ive read a few pages…

The Writer…Graham E. Fuller proposes to tell the reader how different, or not, the world would be if Islam never existed. I was anxious to start reading. I was curious to see what a world without Islam would be like. The author fails to truly answer his own question thoroughly, but generally he thinks the world would be no different at all. How can that be?

The answer seems to be clear to Mr. Fuller: The cause of violence in the world is the fault of religious incarnations of Christians and Jews, the West, and more recently the United States of America and George W. Bush. That may be boiling down Mr. Fuller's book a little too much. I actually agree with one or two of his suggestions as to what must take place in the future. Let me explain.

In the Introduction to the book, Mr. Fuller mentions the Muslim struggle against colonial power and explains in brief to the reader what the body of the book contains and tells the reader that policies and perspectives must change sharply if we are ever going to get out of the present morass that has been so costly to everyone. This is an extraordinary writing which will guide and fill in the blanks of people with ambiguous and scepticism mind about ISLAM… Oh OK..  Go and ge it now! =D

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

GoodBye YEar 1 Of Postgraduate Studies..

Weee~~ Alhmdulilah... Syukur I endured this 2 semesters eventhough I experienced so many pain yow.. So I and the other sisters were having this so called farewell and hangouts right around and right after our exam papers... What I learned from this semester :

1) Work hard..if not FORCE Yourself We Have too anyway
2) Doing my assignmnts in the Library makes my life easier..complete my work right on time..Alhmdulilah ( semua ini kerja Allah ) =)
3) I need to have  my friends beside me.. to support me.. to give me motivation
4) Lecturers are your weapons to score.. Malu tnya sesat jalan woo
5) Pray early.. zikir.. asma ulhusna before bed.. makes ones mind sooth steady smoothly.. and with vibrant brain! =D
6) Hanging out with my super coursemates n undergrads cheer me up.. because ones I was just like themm.. I cant live in the middle of  a MUTE society.. U know what I mean..haha
7) My ambition is my Motivation to study..
8) Mom n dad is No 1.. still a responsible
9) Im still In love with DEbate , Public Speaking kind of stuff but too bad that Im trying to diagnosed from Hypertonia.. =P
10) Have to Sleep early lah..or else I cnt do my work the next day
11) Cepat Kahwin..Cepatlah dapat 4.00! haha =P
12) Avoid bonding on Novels and Austen Addict..=P