Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wake UP sleepY Head!!

It has been an ages i haven't post anything since last month..due to my super busy days with my college Theater Project and the lesson plans. Mr Hairol , most favourite lecturer for this semester , have assigned us with 4 lesson plans , 2 take homes test and 2 research work. Yes, he is very lenient when it comes to marking ans so on, but all i can say that we are not robots! we are training teachers!he gave everything last minute and yet we have to do the micro teaching as well! OK finish with lesson plans..Individual Presentation is up . My choice of topic would be something to do with Language , Culture and Thought.Lastly, Sociology research paper based on schools issues will be done in a group.I cant concentrate my work when it comes to group work.This is because one member will "contribute" a so called Drama when it comes to work.I need to settle it before it become worsen then ever.I rather do it individual.No last minute assignments and babble to another..=(..I need wake up and fight for this " Pre- WAR" because the Next actual war will be coming another few weeks..( Semester 5 Exam)!!!