Friday, February 10, 2012

Describe YOUR Favourite TEacher in school

Example of descriptive essay

My Favourite teacher in school.

School is our next home in receiving the endless and valuable knowledge that you can ever get. In school, we not only teach on the academics but also to reveal about our self perseverance in achieving your ambition. Before I graduated from high school, there’s always an individual who influenced me in school, which is my own Oscar Winning teacher Pn Mozita Azura.

She is one the person who influences me in the positive way to become an English educator one day. She was not only my favourite teacher but also my motivator. There are many reasons why she was well-liked by me. First, she is always kind, thoughtful and generous. She continuously listens to what were our expectations as a student. At the end of each lesson, she always took the time to listen to our ideas, thoughts and suggestions.

Second, she made learning English so much fun. It does not matter whether we were in a portable classroom, where space was limited, or in an actual classroom, she always had many ideas to get us moving and enjoying the lesson. It can be in a lesson in writing or grammar or even speaking. Besides fun, her lessons were very informative. She pointed out our mistakes and encouraged me to do better next time. Her open mindedness and opposition to any act of injustice features should be admired by teachers and students as well. Her popularity was never lowered in the estimation of the public .

Thirdly, her dealings were excellent. Her knowledge in English was impressive since she is well-read and she has a vast knowledge. She had a parental care and affection for all of us and she saw that we were proper in our behaviour and ; progressing in our studies. She used to give out several very interesting materials by citing examples from day to day happenings and from books outside our courses. She even stimulated us to make our activities greater. She was always a loving and affectionate woman and never a tyrant or a hard hearted one even my classmates used to dislikes her in some point.

Fourth, I never doubt that she is sincere in teaching and hardworking. She did not allowed us to be lazy. She made a simple living but her thinking is great. She influences our young minds with her motherly care. She did not encouraged the students to flee the time carelessly in idle chat and idle thought rather she encouraged us to state that time is gold.I always participated in her class eventhough she called me the “Talking Machine”. For example, I would ever volunteer to be in any classroom play and performance.

In short, Mozita Azura is an excellent and fabulous teacher. She had made an impact on my life by doing so. I hope I can pass down the same qualities to the young Malaysians that I will be teaching.Oh yes, I decided to be a teacher just like her. Thank you, Pn Mozita Azura, for the impact and the inspiration you have had on my life.

- Ms Jahirah Jalal Abidin-

- For 5G- SBM 2012

Form 5 Sample of Essay.. Enjoy guys and do my homework ..Puhleaz ya! =D

Descriptive Essay Homework- Describe the famous person in your school.

When we were in high school, my friend Sookie and I made a map of the school lunch tables according to popularity. This was easy to do, because students only ate lunch with others of about the same popularity. We graded them from A to E level. There was a table that full with football players and cheerleaders, science nerd, math geek and so on. Every part of the table has their own prep talk and endless topic to talk about. This is where the grading of social status takes place. I was never been acknowledge or notice by anyone accept for my teachers. Suddenly, a tall boy with “langsat’ skin came and approached me to talk about debate. Who is he? What is his purpose talking to someone like me?

An investigation was been made by myself to ensure whether his intention was in a proper behaviour. I would like to name him as Mr Darcy the character that I’ve been admired since I am a fan of Jane Austen novels. First, Mr Darcy was a president of the debate and public speaking club He is very good in delivering a speech and class presentation. He got the will and the requirement to become an astounding orator one day. He can even sell a piece of paper and make everyone to buy it for RM10. His words were affectionate and had influenced all students in school to set him as an asset of inspiration to be a great leader. For instance, he could help any club to build up their promotion in developing more interesting ideas in order to welcome new members.

Second, My Darcy was not just genuinely in public speaking and debate,he was also an amateur chef. He won The Young Chef Competition at Istana hotel during the hot season of Masterchef Malaysia season 4. Here shows that , he is a good cook and can managed well in handling kitchen works. His performance in food presentation was a splendid recital. In addition,he is very particular in practical work and cleanliness and that makes him been admired by all the girls who is in favour in food , deserts and beverages. Nevertheless, he even persuades other students in school to buy his own home-made fresh brownies. I’ve tasted his brownies and it is absolutely melted to my alveolar-ridge.

Third, apart from his marvelous performance in living skills, he is also well known by manners and courtesies in communicating with the teachers and his friends. Moreover, Mr Darcy wont ever argued if he doesn’t have the right claim from both parties to make a clear judgment about a situation. It really shows that he is well –read and understand the concept of equality in receiving several statements to make simple analysis. This was been evaluated by his teachers during “Minggu Sopan Santun’ in school. Hence, he won the Abu Bakar As-Sidiq Award during that particular event through his best behaviour .

In my own view, a famous person in school doesn’t have to be a person who posses a dangerously handsome looks, hitch a luxurious car to school , hangout with the coolest people and grab the “prom king’ title every year. He should have a special criteria that makes an' A list' to be a best friend to all of the students so that he or she could help each individual to be the best they could be.As time goes by, Mr Darcy is the person who is sitting next to me everyday and serve him a cup of tea before heading to his workplace and yes he is that special person in my life. =)