Friday, September 25, 2009

Raya Break plus Mid Sem break are over..

As everyone notice this semester , I woudnt have a raya break because the mid semester break is merge with raya break itself..Therefore , all work must be done during "hari raya" itself.It is over now, but i didnt finished any of the work during these few days..Im totally doomed.I havent hand in my proposal draft to my Mdm Mahmudah yet , I didnt construct any MCQ's questions , and the worst is I havent revise for my test On Monday! CRAPPP!!! I hate test.! who do like it huh?

Moreover , Im afraid to get into the weighting scale because usually during festival season I will gain like a "pig".No way of turning back because all the food have stuck inside my body and 60 percent of it contains high fat!!LOL...In that case , I will get my ass off in campus soon . Futsal , jog , jump rope , and others are my iniciative to make that "cut"..!