Thursday, October 28, 2010

The moment that I've been Waiting for is here!

Mood? Definitely and extremely happy! My name is on the list for GOOD! FOR Real!I'm graduating this year! I cant wait for November to start as the fever starts to feel in my pulse.. I've done these 4 years back of my study life as a student at UNISEL and I finally gonna reach the stage of graduation which also the destiny that I used to dream! There you , dreams will always come true.. if you just believe and "rock that socks" that I used to say to myself before..=P I went back to campus and get my results and transcript. All i have to say is.. Alhamdulilah I pass all the final subjects in UNISEL eventhough my term paper result wasn't that good.. I suppose I already gave it a try...I was a bit wanna gave up this year and extend later but then.. at least i try.. =) I already starting to implement my plan ahead after this.. I need to work for few months and later continue on my master on mid year JULY next year...anyway..! SEE YOU ALL at GraduatioN ! I will be the one in RED! MY favourite colour!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm the Man!

I am who I am
A lady just like some of you
I am unique
No one can be like me

I've my own feature
No one can claim as their own
I've my own character
I speak my own way

I am not perfect
I am not pretty
I am not slim nor sexy
But that's me

Sepi....Cinta Tidak Datang Hanya Sekali...

Aku baru sahaja menonton satu lagi karya agung Kabir Bahktia iaitu Sepi.Cerita cinta penuh tragis 3 orang insan yang datang dari berlainan latar belakang dan akhirnya bertemu akibat oleh satu tragedi yang mengamit suasana kehidupan mereka. Ranjau dan rintangan yang di alami menunjukkan ketiga-tiga watak ini sangat mencintai antara satu sama lain..Tetapi akhirnya setiap pertemuan ada perpisahan..Mereka tidak akan kesepian kerana cinta itu tidak hanya datang sekali.Biarlah ia berlalu dengan penuh drama , kepahitan dan kesakitan dijiwa tetapi InsyaALLAh hati kita terbuka untuk seseorang kelak.. Walaupun aku sepi tanpa cinta.. cinta tidak lagi hadir.. cinta yang manis dulu tidak akan kembali..tetapi mungkin akan datang dan tumbuh yang baru kelak...

Monday, October 4, 2010

I wanna Make these Happen!

MY Dreams

1.Get that fatty degree
2.Of course.. convocation!graduation!and congratulation!
3.Get that healthier body
4.Get a fabulous JOB ever!
5.Buy myself a car
6.TO Become an extraordinaire woman by giving an impact and make a difference to the community.
7.Post graduate program
8.Help my parents, buy a gift for them. something that will bring up their remembrance about myself.. =)
9.Mr Darcy.. =)
10.Putrajaya Mosque for Solemnization.. =)
11.A house for me and my future family