Sunday, June 28, 2015


 Im still a noob doing research but I can sum up a few lil things about it before u signing up for any Postgraduate courses.. Hope it helps.
 Those who have an idea to do Masters/ PhD, but do not know how to move on?

1. Finalized which area you are interested in. Im interested on Media Effects or Interpersonal Communication. How about you?  
2.You may have a tentative topic. Based on your topic, find key words . 
3. Search for journals, read related thesis and refer to chapter 5 (Further research).
       4. With reading knowledge, meet a few Profs and senior lecturers and tune their reliable      ideas pertaining to the topic. Have you done that?

 5. Then, finalized a few issues for the problem statement. What are the issues will be brought to PhD Studies? Have you? 

6. Find objectives based on the issues (problem statement). Have you? 

 7. I have read more than 30 articles and tabulated them and found a gap? Have you?

 8. Then, outline your frameworks.

 9. Then, consider about the ethical clearance and where I intend to get the data? How to access easily? So, I wrote a letter to a few companies to access the data. How about you?

 10. Find research designs, if can try to do a pilot study to find out whether the methodology which you have chosen reliable or not.

 11. Then write your research proposal based on your University or Faculty guidelines.

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Storm

2014, have collected more than ever unfortunate significant events of the year. Despite the black , theres always rainbow than comes into the picture later. I was conducting a research on the diffusion of News on the Missing Flight of MH370 , not later than there’s a crash of MH17 and QZ8501 happened in the same year. From my experience, the topic that I’ve conducted have drove me to become serious in air of the journalism and media studies. From my point of view , I never gauge the news that came out by the local channels tend to be more realistic and true compared to the Western Media. My family subscribed CNN , Australian Network and Al Jazeera but I will never turn on those channels eventhough it is presented in English as I am relying on the language for the research. Usually I will go back to Astro Awani or TV3 because , its my country and I think my country knows better than them. Here are the list of heated significant event that happen that leads to enormous social media reaction, keyboard warriors.,ThE Groundbreaking Highest hashtags Trust me Im a media student.. 1. Missing flight of MH370 2.Haze 3.Bomoh 4.Deathly Concert 5.Endless debate on Hudud 6.Panda for Diplomatic relationship 7.The NoN halal Cadburry 8. Crash of MH17 9. Anwar Ibrahim on Bars 10. East Coast Flood 11. Crash of QZ8501 ( specifically, the plane owned by Malaysia but it locates in Indonesia)