Friday, September 24, 2010

Random stuff about me..

Name - Jahirah binti Jalal Abidin

Age - 22

Birthday - 13th February 1988

Horoscope - Aquarius

Height - 158cm

Weight - No way I'm telling it..unless I'm the skinny model with body mass of 98 pounds.. =P

Shoe Size - 6-7, 37-38

Hobbies - Writing, blogging , making new friends , dancing and dreaming.. =P


1)What do you like and what do you weak against?

like : Writing, reading English Articles online and most of all watching movies
weakness : MATH! URGHh~ and sewing! =P

2)The things that you desire most RIGHT NOW?
To get a healthier body and a bit of muscle for my body.. =P

3)The thing(s) you value the most?

everything i ever owned, including friends and family, every living and non-living thing that had spend time with me..

4)Secret Treasure

it's kept in my heart and there's no key to it.. hahaha

5)The most expensive item that you have bought and the price
MY Dell laptop ..

6)When do you feel the happiest?
Whenever I scored in exam , I win that competition and having fun with my peeps..=)

7)What made you happy recently?
When my name is included in the Graduation list although it havent finalize yet..hehe

8) Motto?

1.Every challenge that i undertaken will be the best part of my destination
to reach my journey..

2. You Hate me?..U wanna bring MS J down? Sure! Bring it on loser!..ahhaha

9)If you were born as a opposite gender?

I want to get the muscle for the chicks babe! dangmnnn.. =P

10)You dream when you were young
Lawyer...always been a lawyer because my mom said I speak a lot..haha..True!

11)If there's 10 million dollar , how will you use it?
I wanna use it on my own purpose not other people ok..ahhah how selfish I am huh?

12)IF you are going to a uninhabited island, what 'one' thing you will bring for sure?

Harry potty! =P

13)If you can only live for 3 years.

Wahh.. I can see myself with those smart outfit as a lecturer.. =)

14)Which part of your body you wash first?


15)What pants do you want your lover to wear?

any decent pants.... lol

16)If you like someone,which part will attract you the most?

Smart.. funny he is.. good communication.. and most of he mustn't be broke all the time! arghh.. sorrry I'm priceless hunney..hehee..

17)What did the person you like do that made you happy?

like? emm currently.. no boy likes me.. but if frenzy..sure they make me laugh out loud when talking about some of the retarded teachers back in school,,and some loser boys..=P

18)When is the last time you cried?
a month ago.. not worth of crying on your breakups....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Life is unstable without love and friendship.

Each of the human being in this world need friends and their love ones. From my point of view, without love and friendship there will no any colours in life. What do you get if you are the type of person who always concern about isolation rather than having someone around you? If you love a person just tell him/her that you love her, if want to have a friend. just make a simple nice smile to that person ; as these are the steps into the happiness key of life.Even though , you feel lonely and sad, just take a leap back who are the person who always there for you. Apparently, there must be someone out there to be with you. I am just like other people; I need to have someone who cares for me. I do not have any love relationship now but I am bliss that I have my friends and family around. It is not the end of the world if I don’t have a boyfriend now. I need to find that special person that made me realize how much he cares for me. It is not easy job to find the one. Sometimes, you might think that person is right for you, but at the end, you started to realize that it is another way around. Therefore, there is always a prove why you need to have your friends and prince charming by your side.Unless, your life is totally cherish with money until do not bother with something else what goes in front and behind you. Money is not a key to happiness for me. It can even kill rather than make you happy. How to stable your life?? Use the mix ingredient of love and friendship.

My friends in Unisel during Theatre Meeting.. Miss those time..=)

With My mom.. =)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Let's get fit!

I maybe doesn't look that healthy physically but still got the the will power to workout , increase my stamina , flush those fat away from my body and most of all to be physically fit. I decided to register for a gym membership at Celebrity Fitness Wangsa Walk branch.Right Now , i kinda think that I'm addicted too it! The fitness center is totally cool along with all the well equip equipments available , a good service and customer care benefits and so do the trainers and the people there are absolutely friendly. Moreover , I do make new friends during my workout. Ok , Let's just push away the hot bod guy fantasies of any girl huh? hehe.. I just go there and do my work out , I might be lucky if any of those guys were asking for my digits.. lol...

This is my favourite . The Vanity room is more like a saloon type of room for the ladies to get ready for their hangouts or any other activities after working their ass off at the gym.. =P

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Adam’s Legacy: Boys to Men

First and foremost , this short piece of writing is not going to penalized any men or teenage boys out there. This is just a brief overview about the general world of men that I’ve found for the past 5 years I’ve learn about them. This isn’t will be the accurate one but yet , it is the reality .

As we all know, men will be the most top achiever in sports , cars , technologies , machines , camps , money making , executive for high status company and most of all women and sex. Each of any men will have these desire, if not all maybe one could be probably sure lies inside themselves. I never doubt that men could be more genuine in speaking and communication skills. As a language graduate, I realized that some of my male friends have this upwards skills to excel in the presentation in class. It also can be one of the reasons why they become success in certain things. Moreover, the “Son of Adam” (they said) will be the most argumentative human beings ever. They usually rise up their stand and hard to give up. From my opinion , yes this person is a “real man”. He got courage and ability to stand tall as long as his words and saying will be accepted by audience or listeners. If they lucky , they might will influenced their listeners as well. I think that’s enough for the success about men.
But the question voices out from the ladies out there will be enough a troublesome to some ladies who searching for her Mr Darcy. The questions are :“ What do men want in love?” “ What are the types of women that they want?” “ Am I good enough for him”?. These are the questions that we need to ask each of the men out there. Will they continue on the Adam’s legacy for tiding up Eve for the rest of his life. Adam and Eve are both 1st couple in the world. It is hard to follow their legacy in love. But only the different was , they wouldn't have any other options before and that’s why we need these question to outline each of the “honesty” among men in love life and marriage. MEN could be successful in jobs, paper works, get a Nobel prize , inventing the new technologies. In addition they should work for the “L” word. TQ – Ms Jahirah ( 16th September 2010)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Not so raya Mood.. !~

What a quite and peacefully raya eve in KL..All the city citizens had went for Balik Kampong for raya.. This is like the random type of thing I did before the raya open house work came from the "sky"...ahahaha...

* I'm currently listening to Hello by the Glee cast character Rachel Berry and Jessy Saint James... *wow..cant believe how romantic this scene is..huhu.. :-*

* I'm updating my blog because people like to read about my dreams,imagination and fantasy.. the level of perception is depends on their likeness of not.. if they hate it then they have to pass.. if they really love it.. Then YOU ARE WELCOME TO BE MY FOLLOWER.. TQ

* I'm thinking of why in the world that YOUR EX BF or LOver WIll text you back and still keep your number in his contacts..OOH yeah! He even wish you SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN...
( no maaf bagi mu.. batin ku sakit..hahahhaha..=P)

* I'm trying to think how should I reply or not to reply his text back...

* I'm wondering when is the results will be out?? arghh.. I need my degree so much desperately!.. =P

* I will be eating my mom's rendang after this.. nyummm =P

* That's it for today.. =)
( taken from Yasmin's blog) =)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Syawal menjelma...

Ramadhan melabuhkan tirai.. maka syawal menjelma pada tahun 2010.. Saya mengucapakan Salam Aidilfitri kepada rakan taulan dan sahabat handai yang mengenali saya.. Terima kasih atas segalanya .. Maaf Zahir Batin.. Hanya Allah sahaja yang dapat membalas jasa kalian terhadapa saya.. Thank You All and Thank you Allah.. All praises to Allah for everything... =) sincerely - Jahirah Jalal Abidin..