Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My new year Revolution

Here are the list of my new year revolutions : Bye-bye 2008 and helloo 2009!!

1) Loose 30 pounds that includes with a smaller butt and flat abs..hehe

2) Attain 3.5 GPA every semester.. =0

3)Read more English Text

4) Be a good trainee teacher

5) Be more matured..stop singing n dance doodle alone like an idiot..haha

6) Be confident in presentation that includes curbs oral anxiety and shaky movements in front of the peers

7) Eat healthy food: Less fat, salt and carbs...reduce junk food and fast food

8) Protect skin from UV light..

9) Spend wisely

10) Find the one..if i can between this year..haha

Friday, December 26, 2008

Last Night.

I did remembered something about my dream sometimes.Last night i was dreaming about a murder case happens somewhere near my neighbourhood.Maybe I just watched too much of desperate housewives series through out the holidays..hehe.. I became the witnessed of a murder case.In starts when there was 3 girls having fun during their last day of school, that's include me , a taller girl and a short hair girl.These girls were just the girls in my dream.As far as i concern all my friends have long hair.Then the police was investigating a case about a missing boy who haven't came back for 3 days.On the night that i was hanging out along with the 2 girls , the police came by and started to questioned us about the missing boy then all of us weren't give enough detail about the boy because we hardly saw the boy.The tall girl said that she saw that boy at her school playing "police and thieves" while the short hair girl said she saw the boy buying ice -cream at Seven Eleven.Then, i told the police that i wasnt recognize the boy because i wasnt in the school with the girls.About 3 hours later , the question had been answered !! the boy was found near the lake along with the school bag and an ice cream stick.Police , ambulans and fireman were gathering at the crime scene.At the same time , we were watching Tv at the short hair girl house and the police will still investigate until the sun arise.While we were taking about our life , boys , gossips and studies, the tall girl realized that she's kinda feeling thirsty.So, the short hair girl went inside the house and grab her a glass of water.She suddenly slip on the floor and we saw there was spots of blood on her dress.. Then i was about to ask something " eh , ko period ke??" the tall girl said " Ha,,ah la babe baju ko ade darah!".The short hair girl was sweating and expressed an innocent face. At the same time , 3 police car partake in front of the house and asked us about the girl.We werent realized that the girl was already escaped through her back door.The police found that the short hair girl was one of the suspect.She locked us at the main gate and off all her electric source.The police ambush inside the house and found that she's wasnt inside the house anymore.They found knives with blooded hankerchief inside the cupboard.
+++++ In reality+++> i woke up after the dream..I missed what happen next!! so this dream is in history..++..hehe

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy of my improvement last semester

Everything that I've drawn last semester wasn't so bad that it really is..I realized that i've improve a lot.I passed all the subjects with flying colours and i hope it will automatically motivates myself to become more successful in the future. I would not going to give up eventhough i have to retake my MUET exam over and over again because it's not end of the world yet. My results really given a sign for me " FOR NOT QUITING TESL!!" it does show that i can make it until i get the most important scroll of my life!Ms j is still alive here, no matter what all the guys or the girls talk behind backs about me and my private life you guys can go to hell!!ahahaha...I' m still here standing tall..

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Katy Perry the new 70's Looks Chick

a href="">
Katy Perry Couture by Miss Spontanious

SHe is the perfect fashion icon!!
Listen to her new single _ " Hot "n " cold..

Super sexy pumps..

For the last few months i was dreaming to wear peep toes and or pump
heels..For peep toes i guess my feet does not suits the design because everytime i wear it , it will bring up slightly pain result to feet.I love what those girls were wearing in devils wear prada..Anne hathaway looks good on everything but i kindly love all her shoes especially the jimmy choos..wahhh..

So, i am trying to get a size for me soon.I hope by wearing stockings it will make my feet feel comfortable a bit without giving any pain.I want to look more sophisticated this time...=)

a collection of pumps..super style,sleek and sexy..=)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hot nerd in the house..

To me Nerds are the new hunks..I just love look at guys with "specky" .They looks more matured and fantastically genius with the glasses.One of the movie character that i adore is Stephen Glass.The character was played by Hyden Christensen

This film tells the true story of fraudulent Washington, D.C. journalist Stephen Glass (Christensen), who rose to meteoric heights as a young writer in his 20s, becoming a staff writer at "The New Republic" for three years (1995-1998), where 27 of his 41 published stories were either partially or completely made up.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I love graphic tees..

I'm so high too graphic tees now...anytype of graphic image will do ..i dont care about the price or the brands.As long it looks nice and fits my size than i will purchase it..there's this one shirt i saw at top shop it cost about Rm 83.90..It looks like a guys size to me but who cares, nobody cares about which side of store that you's your money are examples of graphic tees at

Michael Myers is still alive??

Ok first of all you might think i'm outdated or wierd or something like it. Just up last night i saw one of the slasher movie called " Halloween". It is the remake version of the Halloween movie on the 70's.Michael myers is the most popular fictional character of all the slasher movies. He is a serial killer that killed his older sister, his sister's bf , his mother bf's and other teenage and kill anyone that he crossed too.They're dead or have been forever scarred by encountering a psychopath by the name of Michael Myers. On Halloween night 1963, six-year old Michael brutally murdered his older sister and ended up locked away in the county sanitarium for the next 15 years. On Halloween night 1978, Michael came home... and the rest is movie history.

Michael's primary targets would be found in his own family tree, his rage seemingly fueled by the abandonment for so many years. His sister Laurie Strode, Laurie's psychic daughter Jamie, and Laurie's son John were among subsequent targets.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

No food no life..

Food is the most essential part of human life. WE need food to boost up our energy and mind or else we cant power up our body systems. THis is similar to our hanphone battery , if we forgot to charge it then we wont able to make any that right??haha..

I just love to eat and i even crave something like tauhu fa or any asam like a lot..aku ni megidam ke?LOL.. Holiday is the day that people used to hunt for food.For example, the prosperity meal just lift of the page by having such a good feedback by those fast food lover. The patty meat or chicken is deep inside black pepper sauce and layer it with onions and salads. Moreover , the set comes with curly fries which is my favourite although i havent eat it yet. The TV ad just make the viewers eyes drools down to the chin!! most of my friends had eaten it.I suppose to cut down my fast food and junk food intake by my doctor advice. WEll.. good food will satisfied your nourishment.Maybe i just eat it once this holiday since it only comes once in a blue moon.Prior to this , I need to get the money as well cause i think it quiet pricey which it cost about Rm14++ for one meal..I wonder the price does kick off Burger King..Competition between McDonald's and Burger king is on !!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Boring life..

It semester break suppose to be fun and enjoyable.Unfortunately , my level of boredom have increased until i have nothing to do at home. Everyday i did the chores , watch Tv , online chatting and sometimes i prepare dinner for my mom .More than less i learned about being a responsible daughter and family member to my family. But then, i still need my fun time . I miss my girlfriends in UNi..I miss assignments??haha ..dont think i'm crazy ya" if i have my license right now i can drive my mother's car or my dad's because they recently went for outings these few weeks. I'm still waiting for my Pangkor vacation to swept off my boring life right now...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Format my Laptop

i just format my laptop..but yeah2 can use the internet again!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Laptop problem and holiday plans.

What happen to my laptop??

one : the wireless adapter is not working
two : the network icon " fail to start....
three : slow windows start up

holiday plans??
yeah it's holiday!! time to relax and do spring cleaning
I decided to continue on my teaching and my parents will take me to Pulau Pangkor on the 18th..yeah!!!